Almost Home

We have a long day of 303 miles today….on to The Dalles in Oregon. The 4:30 am alarm clock gives just enough time to get Blue Bird ready for the 7:15 am start. We had a great ride yesterday through the valley by the Montana/Washington border (Route 200 and the Noxon reservoir) – smooth highways, grand vistas and sweet running little motor. I have no time to add much today so please see the AMCA update describing Stage 13 events and Class standings.

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  1. I learned about this site from Paul Sward who I met in Keene, NH at the Sunday morning start to the 2nd leg of the Cannonball. I have truly enjoyed checking in here daily to get updates on the ride. If anyone would like to see it, I made a video of parts of the Keene stop over and the ride out on Sunday.
    Wishing you all the very best and safest ride.
    Gil Garceau
    Easton, CT

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