Heading East from Vashon

The Bedell Tribute Henderson has been loaded into the Flint Works Sprinter,  ready to travel East. In the van are tools and spare parts packed into tubs, riding gear for conditions expected to include heat, humidity, rain, cold and even snow! The goal is to visit some family and friends while crossing the Northern tier of states on I-90/I-94/I-80. We plan on wrenching with the 4th Coast boys in upstate NY for a couple of days prior to arriving in Portland, Maine on September 6th. This should be fun!

2 Replies to “Heading East from Vashon”

  1. Chris,
    We are following this adventure of yours and wish you the best of luck. Have a great time. We may be in Bingampton area when you go thru there so could potentially see you then.
    Ride like the wind!!
    Barry and Donna

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